Make a Difference. Volunteer for a Committee.

Effective committee participation brings together member viewpoints that might not otherwise be heard. As a committee member, you can help the board create value for our members and achieve the association's strategic goals and directions in a tangible and measurable way.

Benefits of being a SOCMA Operating Committee member:

  • Exchange information and ideas with your peers
  • Develop professional relationships and strengthen your ties in the chemical industry
  • Establish contact with leading government and industry decision-makers
  • Build your knowledge of the industry through contributing to the work of the committee
  • Gain expertise in new areas or gather new ideas for your current area
  • Contribute to the success and visibility of your company
  • Plan and attend social, educational and networking events
  • Executive
  • Audit
  • Investment
  • Nominating
  • Governance
  • Chemical Risk Management Committee
  • ChemStewards® Strategic Direction Committee (CSSDC)
  • Environment Committee
  • Government Relations Steering Committee
  • InformEx Advisory Committee
  • International Trade Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Performance Improvement Committee (PIC)
  • Safety and Security Committee
  • ChemStewards® Network

SOCMA's Board and Operating Committee seats are only open to employees of member companies.


The Board of Governors – helps management develop business plans, policies, objectives and business strategies. Through regular meetings, the Board of Governors ensures effective organizational planning and sees that association resources are managed effectively. The board’s general duties are selecting and working with the association president, amending bylaws, approving the annual budget and long-term strategic plans, and ensuring its own succession. Contact the Executive Office.

  • Executive – provides financial oversight, is delegated specific responsibilities by board as needed, serves as “sounding board” for President, conducts President’s annual performance review.
  • Audit – reviews and approves annual audit, reviews and selects new public accounting firms as needed.
  • Investment – develops reserve fund investment policies, ensures policies are adhered to, evaluates how funds are performing, and directs overall Fund management.
  • Nominating – reviews and selects new board members, assists in new board member orientation as needed.
  • Governance – reviews and recommends amendments to the Bylaws; assists in board development programs as needed.


The Chemical Risk Management Committee (CRMC) is responsible for tracking chemical risk management issues and advocating risk-based decision-making in government and chemicals management approaches that keep our members competitive. The committee also helps develop and distribute compliance tools to SOCMA members. The committee focuses primarily on the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), but also tracks related chemical control laws, like the European Union’s REACH and emerging “green chemistry” laws and policies. Contact Dan Newton.

The ChemStewards® Strategic Direction Committee (CSSDC) mission is to raise the external awareness and visibility level of ChemStewards® with relevant external stakeholders and throughout the greater chemical industry. The CSSD group provides leadership in the following areas: 1) raising awareness and acceptance of ChemStewards® throughout the industry, 2) promoting alliances with Government agencies, 3) defining the ChemStewards® value proposition for potential members, and 4) managing the ChemStewards® brand. Contact Holland Jordan.

The Environment Committee focuses on a wide range of issues, including hazardous waste, regulatory reform, water rules, air regulations, climate change and record keeping reporting. The committee is actively involved in sponsoring educational workshops and influencing regulatory rule makings, including the Chemical Manufacturing Area Sources rule and Definition of Solid Waste rule. Committee members work with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop comments on rulemakings, develop alternatives to the current regulatory structure, create compliance guidance manuals, and host workshops on environmental issues. Contact Dan Moss.

The Government Relations Steering Committee serves in an advisory capacity to SOCMA’s volunteer leaders and staff. The committee is focused on strengthening SOCMA’s overall advocacy efforts and effectiveness through input from a group of members with an interest in the association’s government relations value proposition. Contact Dan Moss.

The InformEx® Advisory Committee is a group of SOCMA members that advises UBM on continuing to meet the needs of our members through the InformExshow. InformEx® was created more than 26 years ago by the industry, for the industry. InformEx® must continually be improved to meet the dynamic needs of its participants, and remain competitive in a constantly changing exhibition environment. The UBM team depends on feedback from the committee to enhance the business value for stakeholders engaged in specialty chemical manufacturing sectors. Contact Robyn Duda.

The International Trade Committee focuses on issues affecting international trade, from treaty negotiation to implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention. Committee members develop association positions on trade policies and promote commercial activities to enhance import/export opportunities for specialty chemicals as well as the competitiveness of the industry in the United States. Contact Brittany Mountjoy.

The Membership Committee evaluates and recommends high-level strategies to enhance the value of membership. It advises on such issues as member recruitment, association branding, collaboration and partnerships with other non-profit and for-profit-groups, and periodic review of SOCMA’s dues schedule. Contact Larry Sloan.

The Performance Improvement Committee (PIC) leads the association's implementation of the industry's voluntary initiative on environmental, health and safety performance. The PIC is responsible for providing member companies with the tools and assistance necessary to implement the ChemStewards® program and overseeing the technical assistance program that provides member companies help with implementing the program. Contact Holland Jordan

The Safety and Security Committee leads policy development on a broad range of safety and health issues affecting members, including homeland security, process safety management and reactive chemical management. The committee has developed many helpful tools for members, including a user-friendly system to comply with the new OSHA record-keeping rule. The committee also championed the implementation of Process Safety & Employee Health & Safety components of ChemStewards® and works with the ChemStewards® team to provide technical resources to members. The committee looks for team members with a background in process safety. Contact  the Government Relations Team.


ChemStewards® Network is a group of SOCMA member individuals who would like to receive information such as ChemStewards® updates, best practices, feedback, as well as education and networking opportunities. To get involved, contact Molly Kolodzinski.

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