Chemical Risk Management Committee

The Chemical Risk Management Committee (CRMC) is responsible for tracking chemical risk management issues and advocating risk-based decision-making in government and chemicals management approaches that keep our members competitive. The committee also helps develop and distribute compliance tools to SOCMA members. This committee focuses primarily on the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), and has been a key resource in SOCMA’s advocacy on TSCA reform for many years. The committee also tracks related chemical control laws, like the EU’s REACH and emerging “green chemistry” laws and policies.

Once TSCA reform legislation is officially enacted, in the foreseeable future this committee will be focusing primarily on helping to shape EPA implementation of the new law.

SOCMA's committees provide an invaluable service by advising members on an extensive range of subjects and issues that aid the Board of Governors in their decision-making.


Programs & Services

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GlobalChem: Global Chemical Regulations Conference

For over two decades, SOCMA has co-hosted a conference tailored for the chemical industry and government regulators, but also attracts trade association staff, legal experts, consulting firms and many other stakeholders as well, focusing on the TSCA and other chemical control laws.  Over the years the program has expanded to encompass information on international chemical regulations such as REACH, GHS and others that continue to emerge across the globe.  Every year, over 400 attendees convene for a three-day conference to share experiences and learn about new developments in chemical control laws, here and abroad.

During the initial portion of the conference, the agenda usually presents a fundamentals workshop that allows participants who are new to TSCA and international equivalents, or just seeking a refresher, to hear about the principles and basic elements of chemical control laws. Conferences have included hands-on exercises in key areas, such as filling out an electronic Pre-Manufacture Notice (PMN), Chemical Data Reporting requirements, GHS and other current regulatory processes. GlobalChem is considered the premier chemical regulatory program in North America.  Learn more.


SOCMA's Chemical Risk Management Committee recognized the utility of providing a service to help clients (members and non-members) navigate the EPA new chemical notification process under TSCA, which focuses primarily on the review of Pre-Manufacture Notices (PMNs). The service was launched in 2005, and has since provided its growing client base a variety of different services involving TSCA compliance, with other services available. Learn more.


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