Safety & Security Committee

Ensuring the safety of our facilities, employees, neighbors and the environment is embedded in our industry culture. This culture of safe handling, manufacturing, and distribution of chemicals has produced positive results. According to data compiled by the Department of Labor, chemical manufacturing is one of the safest manufacturing industries in the nation. Preserving and building on this dedication to safety will continue to be a priority for our industry sector.

The SOCMA Safety and Security Committee is charged with promoting the safety of member employees, process safety as well as promoting security practices at SOCMA member companies and advocating the development of reasonable health, safety and security policies by industry and governmental entities. The committee also works to ensure that workplace safety, health and security are integral parts of our members' production of chemicals.

SOCMA's committees provide an invaluable service by advising on an extensive range of subjects and issues that aid the Board of Governors in the decision-making process.


For more information or to join this committee, contact the Government Relations Team at (202) 721-4100.  

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