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Strengthen your relationship with your Congressional Representative and provide positive publicity for your company by hosting a Congressional Site Visit. Facility tours illustrate first-hand how plant processes relate to and affect legislative issues.

Your member will be more knowledgeable of our industry and our issues after this visit. Additionally, you can showcase your facilities' use of ChemStewards® to improve your environmental, health, and safety standards.

Let SOCMA's government relations team help you set up a meeting.

Value of the Visit

  • You have the undivided attention of the Member, without the competition of phone calls, votes, hearings, or other interruptions
  • You show the Member what your working life is really like—a valuable experience for any Member, especially for young Members who may never have been exposed to your type of business
  • You can encourage the Member to support or oppose any pending legislation, or to introduce a bill you want to see enacted
  • With proper preparation, you will receive positive publicity for your facility and your Member

Get Started

5 Easy Steps to Host a Congressional Site Visit

  1. Contact SOCMA's Government Relations Team at 202-721-4100 or to express interest in having your Congress member visit and note when you are available.
  2. Bill will send an invitation to your Congress member and coordinate a convenient date for the facility visit.
  3. Prepare for your visit.  Go over talking points on legislative issues provided by SOCMA and decide what you plan to discuss with your Congress member.
  4. When your Congress member visits, discuss the issues important to your business and take pictures.
  5. Our Public Relations team will help you to publicize the visit with a press release, tweet, or SOCMA blog post.

Download our Site Visit Guide, free for SOCMA members.

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