The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates Political Action Committee


Our Mission:
The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates Political Action Committee (SOCMA PAC) is committed to encouraging the advancement of public policy that is consistent with SOCMA’s mission of advocating for the development of rational laws and regulations with respect to the specialty chemical industry.

Candidate Contribution Criteria:
SOCMA PAC supports candidates seeking office in the executive and legislative branches of the United States government.

The following criteria are taken into consideration when deciding whether to make a contribution:

  1. Candidate’s views and voting record (if available) on issues important to SOCMA.
  2. Leadership positions and key committee assignments that are important to SOCMA’s interests or have jurisdiction over SOCMA issues.
  3. History of support for SOCMA’s legislative priorities and issues – based on discussions and surveys.
  4. Candidate’s potential to shape policy or play an important role in advancing SOCMA’s legislative priorities.
  5. Strength of candidate and impact a SOCMA PAC contribution may have.
  6. Constituent representation and the presence of specialty chemical industry in the candidate’s jurisdiction.
  7. If a targeted candidate is running in an open race or against an incumbent, the PAC shall consider the potential for the candidate to assist in advancing SOCMA’s priorities.

Prior Approval Form:
To build your industry PAC, SOCMA PAC must receive your company’s authorization form. As a trade association, SOCMA PAC is required by federal law to have your authorization before we ask for your financial support. This form does not obligate you to contribute to SOCMA PAC, but does allow us to share information on political and legislative activities. Access a Prior Approval Form here (Member log in required).

For more information about SOCMA PAC, please contact the Government Relations Team.

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