2016 Performance Improvement Awards Program


Congratulations to the 2016 Performance Improvement Award Winners!

ChemStewards® is proud to announce winners for the 2016 Performance Improvement Awards Program. More than 50 SOCMA member facilities will receive 2016 Performance Improvement Awards for their outstanding commitment to continuous improvement in environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) practices at SOCMA's 95th Annual Dinner, December 5, in New York.

We congratulate all of our member facilities for their outstanding EHS&S efforts in 2016.

Applications are judged based on 5 core areas: Stakeholder Communications, Product Stewardship, EHS&S in Planning and Operations, Employee Training and Engagement, and Resource Management and Waste Minimization – specifically taking into account practices and principles that demonstrate continuous improvement above and beyond the requirements of the ChemStewards® program. The Sustainability award acknowledges a facility that displays exemplary commitment to sustainability and green chemistry.

2016 Performance Improvement Awards winners will be honored this year at SOCMA’s 95th Annual Dinner in New York City, December 5, 2016. For photos and event recap from last year’s annual dinner and award ceremony, go to SOCMA's 94th Annual Dinner Event Recap page.

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2016 Performance Improvement Award Winners

http://www.socma.com/portals/0/Images/ChemStewards/award-gold.gif 2016 Gold Performance Award

  • Baker Hughes – Rayne Blend Facility, Rayne, LA
  • Baker Hughes – Taft Manufacturing Company, Taft, CA

http://www.socma.com/portals/0/Images/ChemStewards/award-silver.gif 2016 Silver – Stakeholder Communications

  • Baker Hughes – Houston Blend Plant, Houston, TX
  • KMCO, LLC – Crosby Facility, Crosby, Texas
  • American Pacific Corporation – Cedar City Facility, Cedar City, UT

Silver Award 2016 Silver – Product Stewardship

  • Baker Hughes – Houston Blend Plant, Houston, TX
  • MFG Chemical, Inc. – Dalton Facility, Dalton, GA
  • Baker Hughes – Kilgore Blend Plant, Kilgore, TX

Silver Award 2016 Silver – EHS&S in Planning and Operations

  • Ashland – White City, OR Plant, White City, OR
  • Baker Hughes – Bakersfield Blend Plant, Bakersfield, CA
  • American Pacific Corporation – Cedar City Facility, Cedar City, UT

Silver Award 2016 Silver – Employee Training and Engagement

  • Baker Hughes – Bayport Manufacturing Facility, Pasadena, TX
  • MFG Chemical, Inc. – Dalton Facility, Dalton, GA
  • Norac Pharma – Azusa Facility, Azusa, CA

Silver Award 2016 Silver – Resource Management and Waste Minimization

  • Optima Chemical Group LLC – Douglas Facility, Douglas, GA
  • Ash Stevens Inc. – Riverview Facility, Riverview, MI
  • Monument Chemical Baytown, LLC – Baytown Facility, Baytown, TX

http://www.socma.com/portals/0/Images/ChemStewards/award-bronze.gif 2016 Bronze

  • Accella Polyurethane Systems - Rancho Cucamongo Facility, Rancho Cucamongo, CA
  • Albemarle - South Haven Plant, South Haven, MI
  • AMPAC Fine Chemicals LLC - Rancho Cordova Facility, Rancho Cordova, CA
  • Ashland - Ashland Facility, Ashland, OH
  • Ashland - Chatham Facility, Chatham, NJ
  • Ashland - Ft. Smith Facility, Ft. Smith, AR
  • Ashland - Philadelphia Facility, Philadelphia, PA
  • Baker Hughes - Barnsdall Petrolite, Barndall, OK
  • Baker Hughes - Sand Springs Facility, Sand Springs, OK
  • Bimax Inc. - Glen Rock Facility, Glen Rock, PA
  • CJB Industries, Inc. - Gil Harbin Plant, Valdosta, GA
  • Dixie Chemical Company - Pasadena Facility, Pasadena, TX
  • ESCO Company, LLC - Muskegon Facility, Muskegon, MI
  • Fairmount Santrol - Alpha Resins LLC, Detroit, MI
  • McGean, Inc. - Cleveland Facility, Cleveland, OH
  • McGean, Inc. - Livonia Facility, Livonia, MI
  • Monument Chemical Kentucky, LLC - Brandenburg Facility, Brandenburg, KY
  • Monument Chemical Houston Ltd. - Jacintoport Plant, Jacintoport, TX
  • Nation Ford Chemical - Fort Mill Facility, Fort Mill, SC
  • Noramco, Inc. - Wilmington Plant, Wilmington, DE
  • Ortec, Inc. - Easley Plant, Easley, SC
  • Ortec, Inc. - Piedmont Plant, Piedmont, SC
  • Polysciences Inc. - Warrington Facility, Warrington, PA
  • Royal Chemical Company - Macedonia Plant, Macedonia, OH
  • Siegfried USA, LLC - Pennsville Facility, Pennsville, NJ
  • South Coast Terminals, LP - Houston Facility, Houston, TX
  • Strem Chemicals, Inc. - Newburyport Facility, Newburyport, MA
  • Sun Chemical Corporation - Bushy Park Facility, Goose Creek, SC

http://www.socma.com/portals/0/Images/ChemStewards/award-Leaf-icon.gif 2016 Education Outreach Award

  • ChemDesign Products, Inc. – Marinette Facility, Marinette, WI

http://www.socma.com/portals/0/Images/ChemStewards/award-Leaf-icon.gif 2016 Sustainability Award

  • Fairmount Santrol – Alpha Resins LLC, Detroit, MI

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