ChemStewards® Integrated Management System

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Brought to you by the ChemStewards® Program and Gabriel Performance Products

The ChemStewards® Integrated Management System (CIMS) is a database that helps SOCMA chemical manufacturing facilities organize their daily operational data in an easy to use Microsoft Access-based program. Developed by Gabriel Performance Products, the tool integrates with the ChemStewards® Program as well as other essential government sponsored programs, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHA’S 18001.

Key features of the database include:

  • Incident Switchboard – to track, investigate and review incidents
  • Daily Manufacturing Report – to gather facility and production data, aid in planning and more
  • Chemical Approval Switchboard – to collect and manage  user’s chemical information
  • Employee Dashboard – to allow employees to monitor daily investigations, events, and responsibilities
  • Easy Data Entry Format –to input and store data via Microsoft Access

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