2016 SOCMA Committee Week

November 1-3, 2016
SOCMA Offices
Washington, DC
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SOCMA’s Annual Committee Week is the perfect opportunity for you to stay ahead of the curve and help shape legislation and regulation affecting your companies. During the meetings you will have an opportunity to interact with key Obama administration officials from agencies such as EPA, OSHA, DHS and others, as well as hear from other subject-matter experts about the issues important to your company. Given all the new regulatory activity under way with implementation of a revised Toxic Substances Control Act, a new process for the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill, and the upcoming transition to a new administration, this year’s committee week can’t be missed. 

Your company is a dues-paying member of SOCMA, so there is no registration fee.
Committees meeting during Committee Week include:

  • Performance Improvement Committee (PIC) – Tuesday, November 1
  • Chemical Risk Management Committee – Tuesday, November 1
  • Safety and Security Committee – Wednesday, November 2
  • Environment Committee – Thursday, November 3

This is a series of meetings you don’t want to miss!

  • Stay ahead of new regulations: Learn about developing EHS&S regulations potentially impacting your company’s bottom line before they happen.
  • Influence the regulatory process: Engage regulatory policymakers responsible for compliance inspections and standards development and influence their thinking.
  • Share best practices: Network with your fellow industry peers.
  • Set priorities: Influence SOCMA’s list of regulatory priorities and projects on your company’s behalf in Washington.

A list of speakers and more details coming soon!

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Sponsored by:

Critical Path Services - sponsor of the Chemical Risk Management Committee Meeting

Monument Chemical - sponsor of the PIC Committee Meeting