SOCMA members encompass every segment of the industry—from small specialty producers to large multinational corporations:
Member companies: 175+
Manufacturing sites: 2,000
Employees in the U.S.: 46,500
Value: $24 billion (products & services)*
Impact on U.S. GDP: $2.9 trillion*

U.S. specialty producers are at the cutting edge of new technology and provide products often made nowhere else in the world. The depth and expertise of this industry sector are vital components of the U.S. chemical industry and contribute significantly to U.S. global competitiveness.
Small and large specialty chemical manufacturers are discovering the formula to business success is a SOCMA membership. As the recognized voice of specialty chemical manufacturers, SOCMA promotes innovative, safe and environmentally responsible operations, which are internationally competitive and contribute to a healthy, productive economy.
Formula for Success
SOCMA helps you in countless ways, developing entrepreneurial attributes, innovative initiatives and constructive impact on regulatory and legislative decisions. SOCMA accelerates the potential for your business growth by maximizing commercial and networking opportunities and providing resources and economies of scale that create value for your company.
Performance improvement through ChemStewards® is one of the greatest values of your SOCMA membership. Responsible manufacturing processes and safety standards provide quality assurance for your business and increase public confidence in the chemical industry.

Discover, as many other chemical manufacturers have, the secret formula for your business and operational success is a SOCMA membership.

* Statistics as of December 2011

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