FAQs on SOCMA Membership

Who is eligible for SOCMA membership?

Typical SOCMA members include specialty chemical manufacturers and distributors ranging in size from small specialty producers with a dozen or so employees to large multinational corporations. Most of our members produce intermediate chemicals blended into formulated products which are then sold into a variety of markets such as pharmaceuticals, construction, agriculture, personal care (soaps, cosmetics and toiletries), foods/nutraceuticals, petrochemical, oil/gas drilling and other industrial applications, plastics, and electronics/computers.

A SOCMA membership is company based; however, our many programs and services benefit not only the corporation at large but also the individuals spanning many different functional areas.. Dues are based on annual North American sales of specialty chemicals, and may not represent the total gross revenues of a company. All employees at member company locations are granted access and encouraged to take advantage of the many benefits SOCMA has to offer. 

What are the different SOCMA membership categories?

  • North American Manufacturers
    North American Manufacturers are companies engaged in the manufacture of specialty chemicals, organic and inorganic, in the U.S., Canada and/or Mexico (NAFTA countries). North American member companies that manufacture in the United States are required to implement SOCMA’s ChemStewards* program at each of their U.S. manufacturing facilities.
  • Distributors
    Distributors are companies that do not manufacture specialty chemicals but may repackage, blend and otherwise resell specialty chemicals in NAFTA countries.
  • International Manufacturers
    International Manufacturers are companies engaged in the manufacture of specialty chemicals outside of the NAFTA countries (or have a parent or subsidiary that manufactures specialty chemicals outside of NAFTA) but sells these chemicals into NAFTA. Any companies that operate a manufacturing facility in the U.S., Canada and/or Mexico should apply as a North American Manufacturer member (see above).
  • Affiliates
    Affiliates are companies, or non-profit organizations, that provide products and services to the chemical industry, such as equipment, testing labs and consultants. Affiliate members do not manufacture or sell chemicals.

*Member companies that are either North American or International Manufacturers must show their commitment to performance improvement by completing and signing the ChemStewards® Core Principle Statement.

Is ChemStewards a requirement for membership in SOCMA?

For all U.S. chemical manufacturers, participation in ChemStewards is a requirement, as defined in SOCMA's bylaws.

My company participates in Responsible Care®.  Do I also need to participate in SOCMA's ChemStewards® program?

No. While we encourage all SOCMA members to participate in ChemStewards, the Responsible Care program is considered an “or equal.”  SOCMA members who participate in Responsible Care must submit their RC certificate but are not required to submit annual metrics. However, many do submit their metrics to SOCMA and are encouraged to apply for the annual Performance Improvement Awards. In addition, all members are invited to attend all SOCMA ChemStewards and other EHS&S-related events.

Do SOCMA members receive a discount to Informex USA?

Yes. Members receive a discount when they register for a booth at Informex USA. In addition, beginning in 2017, members receive a similar discount if they exhibit at the new CPhI North America show.

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