SOCMA's Chemical Site SVA Model & Manual

SOCMA’s SVA Model is now available as an online tool. 

The SOCMA SVA Model is an online tool that incorporates the elements of inherent hazards, attractiveness, potential consequences and existing security measures in a tiered screening process. The tool provides chemical facilities with a mechanism to allow flexibility and efficiency in site vulnerability analysis.

Investigate how changes in policies and practices may affect your overall vulnerabilities whether conducted independently or in coordination with ChemStewards® and other stewardship programs.

To complete SOCMA’s SVA you must log in to ChemStewards Management Portal

Please note the username and password required to access SOCMA’s Metrics System and complete the SVA is not the same user information used to access (Members Only Resource Center). Contact ChemStewards to request your user information for SOCMA’s Metrics System. 

For additional information and assistance contact ChemStewards at (202) 721-4100.


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